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InDigest: What is it?
The Skinny:

InDigest is an online literary magazine focused on creating a dialogue about and between the arts.  It all started with a few people working in a coffee shop, probably sick of the customers, probably bored with talking about how cold it was, probably a lot of things.  The point is they got talking, and then someone said, “We should call it InDigest.”  And then the rest said, “I like it.”  A year later, it came into existence.

Launched in December of 2007, InDigest was originally to be a forum to highlight important work of people we knew in person, but quickly became more than that, as we realized that if we had the opportunity to show the world great art we would not refuse the world that whether we knew the creators or not (insert exclamation point for dramatic effect).  We soon had submissions coming from as far as Hong Kong and as close as having a beer with a friend (“Here you go friend, a story, for you.”).

Our hope: To get people reading and looking at some work that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to read or look at.  We understand that there are many avenues for people to get their poetry/fiction/nonfiction/art fix, and we are not so pretentious as to think that we are offering something wholely different.  We are a literary magazine, and hope only to add to the consumption by intelligent readers and viewers.  (All others concern us little.)  That being said, we do hope to offer new voices, and to do so in a refreshing way: to, again, get a dialogue going about and between the arts.

Yet another hope:  That you enjoy fully.
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David Luke Doody and Dustin Luke Nelson (pictured above, eating breakfast like everyday people) run this crazy thing. David is a freelance writer whose work appears here and there like a myth, he runs the blog at Guernica Mag, and is an editor at Intentionally Urban. Dustin is also a freelancer whose work methodically appears and disappears, and he occasionally wears pants while working on InDigest.

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