Beautiful, swirling prints with muted colors and surprising depth form the gallery or Issue 11.

Art inspired by the interaction of wild animals is the focus of this gallery from Minneapolis based artist Gina Germ

Billboard, RoadKill_1.jpg
 Crows and the poltical machines of the world are satirized and recontextualized in this series of paintings by Pamela Kirton.

New York artist Travis Lindquist displays a unique series of portrait styled art.

 A sideshow of twisted characters in a dark circus of painting from Donald Van Auken.
Kara Hendershot                                   

Kara Hendershot presents a series of new and unusual paintings that engage cityscapes, institutions, and their inhabitants; look out for falling paint.

Double Dot.jpg
New paintings by Debra Ripp, with thick, lush colors, humanizing surrealist visions, and penguins.

weiken - shirt 1.jpg
Minneapolis-based artist and musician puts paintings and sketches on display, viewer discretion advised.

A short series of photographs by Berlin-based photographer Rachel de Joode. (self-picturized left).

 Kara Hendershot presents four of her new paintings in her second galery with InDigest.

voyage detail.jpg
Naturalistic sculptuor Alonso Sierralta shares some of his newest work.

Six beautiful paintings evoking painful sexual images, penetrating landscapes, and canine affection.
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Sculptures, kind of - a gallery, in a way...a challenging set of work from an artist who defies neat descriptions that fit into this box, yes.