While he went into the 7-11 to pick up coffee and lottery tickets, she fooled with the radio
dial. She found a familiar public radio voice and reclined her seat. Someone had figured
out how to determine the amount of trees on the planet. She thought the word, planet
sounded isolated and cold. NASA, or someone else who had access to space, had mapped
out all the trees from a satellite because they give off a special kind of light. Then they
calculated how many people there were and divided the amount of trees by people and
came up with 61. Each person has 61 trees to call their own. When he got back in the car
she was trying to count how many trees she'd need to be really happy. She thought she’d
need more than 61. He handed her a coffee she didn’t ask for. If she needed more trees
he’d probably let her have one or two of his.  They could share them all and then they’d
have a forest. 122 trees would be alright.
61 Trees
By: Ada Limón